Jointly Provided Activities (Weitzman Program Specialists)

Program Information

Some of the Weitzman Institute activities are considered jointly provided activities. ACCME defines joint providership as the providership of a CME activity by one or more accredited and one or more nonaccredited organizations. Therefore, ACCME accredited providers that plan and present one or more activities with non-ACCME accredited providers are engaging in “joint providership.” Review the full definition on the ACCME website: Joint Providership (ACCME).

An example of a jointly provided activity at the Weitzman Institute is Weitzman ECHO Childhood Trauma. Faculty selected by Weitzman and the National Council for Wellbeing collaborate and plan the series. If your program is funded by an organization, but the organization does not select faculty and/or help plan the series, your program is not a jointly provided activity - your program is considered a directly provided activity. 

If your program is a jointly provided activity, this means three things in terms of your activity construction:

  1. The accreditation statement will be slightly different from our other activities. We've already taken this into account through our activity templates, so there's not too much to worry about here.
  2. A different certificate type (MWHS_Joint) must be selected. Again, we've already taken this into account through our activity templates, so nothing to worry about here. 
  3. You'll have to fill out the ACCME tab of the parent and each child. Filling out the ACCME tab is the focus of this training. Select the Continue tab to learn more. 

Target Audience

This training is appropriate for Weitzman Institute Program Specialists who manage jointly provided activities. 

Learning Objectives

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Determine if their program is considered a jointly provided activity
  • Recall how to fill out the necessary information on the platform for joint providership requirements
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