Session 1: Oversight

Session Description

Welcome to Session 1 of the Upskill Immunizations for New Vaccinators Course. During this session, we will be highlight the importance of proper vaccine administration, helpful comforting techniques, reviewing possible errors, and so much more!

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Session Learning Objectives:

By the end of this session, participants will be able to...

  1. Define the six rights of medication administration
  2. Identify the proper needle size for intramuscular injections based on age, weight, and gender
  3. Identify the various components that should be addressed during immunization training
  4. Identify the types of comforting and pain-reducing techniques that can be used during immunization administration based on patient age ranges
  5. Explain how routine reviews can help strengthen an immunization program
  6. Describe the ways in which participants can strengthen the knowledge base of their immunization expert

Session Learning Activities

  1. Complete pre-session knowledge assessment
  2. Review session content
  3. Reflect on session content/application exercise
  4. Complete post-session knowledge assessment
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