Upskill: Immunizations for New Vaccinators

Course Description

This course provides 24 hours of didactic education designed to enhance the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of existing Medical Assistants in vaccine administration.

Course Overview

  • Reviews how a robust immunization program can strengthen the immunity of the participant’s community and the unique role of medical assistants in this process
  • Reviews team-based care, and how each member of the team - from the provider to the Medical Assistant - contributes to the immunization program and process at an organization
  • Supports direct skill building for the Medical Assistant preparing to administer vaccines, or who is reinforcing their skills in vaccine administration, including the six rights of medication administration, needle size selection, preparing and administering vaccines, and ways to comfort patients during injections
  • Examines the role of standing and delegated orders and team-based care in improving immunization rates for practice and proper storage of vaccines, including ways to determine effective par levels.
  • Focuses on the individual vaccines and proper ages and intervals needed for valid administration and examine ways to provide education to vaccine-hesitant families
  • Incorporates a simulated practice of both intramuscular and subcutaneous injection techniques to ensure all Medical Assistants will gain confidence in their abilities to safely administer vaccines to members of their communities
  • Employs patient cases to help participants see the elements covered in the course through the lens of patient care

Target Audience

This course is designed for learners who graduated from an accredited training program or have a certification awarded by a nationally recognized certifying body that includes, or otherwise meets the criteria established by their state of residence for medication and vaccine administration.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, Medical Assistants will be able to...

  1. Compare and contrast standing orders versus delegated orders for vaccination
  2. List tools and supplies required to support proper vaccination
  3. Describe the Medical Assistant and provider scope of practice and roles in relation to vaccine administration
  4. Describe the importance of proper vaccine storage
  5. List the different types of federal and state reporting requirements for vaccine administration
  6. List strategies for educating patients about the importance of vaccines
  7. Chart and coordinate routine vaccination schedules
  8. Chart and coordinate the administration of catch-up schedules
  9. Demonstrate the steps required for safely administering both Intramuscular and sub-cutaneous immunizations to all age groups
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Required Hardware/Software

This course does not have a textbook requirement. All required course content materials are included in the within the lesson content for each session. Additional optional learning resources are listed in the course syllabus. To be able to access and complete all the required course items, all participants are expected to have access to a personal computer.